Become a Scribe

Medical Scribe Jobs

Not interested in working in the emergency department? Become a scribe today! We have medical scribe jobs with doctors of all kinds. Clinic opportunities allow scribes to form a much closer relationship with a physician resulting in letters of recommendation or ongoing mentoring opportunities. Clinics provide regular hours with primarily weekday, daytime shifts.

Medical Scribe Benefits

Medical scribes are highly-­trained charting specialists that accompany the physician during patient visits. Medical scribes chart in that practice's electronic medical record (EMR). Scribes complete the majority of the required documentation allowing providers to focus on direct patient care. Scribes receive rigorous training in medical terminology and procedure.

Ideal Candidates

We look for candidates that have distinguished themselves in their studies and have a sincere interest in healthcare. Ample typing speed and computer proficiency is a must as the job requires entering medical information into electronic medical records. Ideal candidates will have the ability to work with our doctors for at least a full year on a full-time basis. Part­-time opportunities are available on occasion.


If you have part-­time availability or are located in an area not listed, we still encourage you to submit an application to become a scribe in the “Multiple Locations” listing.  We’re growing quickly and will have additional medical scribe jobs in the future. Apply now to become a medical scribe!