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How it Works:

A Remote Live Scribe: Listens to the appointment in real-time utilizing HIPAA-compliant Google Meet while documenting directly into your EHR. Scribekick utilizes individual EHR user accounts provided by you.

A Tech Enabled Scribe: Works in Two Ways:

  1.   Uses Scribekick’s existing technology platform and a US based scribe will further optimize the note based on your preference and rules.
  2.   Uses your pre-existing AI solution and has a US based scribe optimize the note on your behalf.

Dedicated scribe


They work when you need them

Dedicated scribe

Highest Quality

The best candidates across the U.S.

Scribekick- Economical

Cost Efficient

Significant savings from onsite/on-payroll

Trained to Serve Specific Medical Specialties

We are highly selective and train only the best.

With Scribekick’s five-stage training process, our scribes complete over 100 hours of medical terminology and documentation instruction. We even tailor to the specific requirements of your specialty.

  1. Medical Terminology – symptoms, diagnoses, medications
  1. Classroom Instruction – documentation best practice & HIPAA
  1. Scenario Practice – targeted mock patient encounters
  1. Finishing Training – experienced scribe evaluates trainee onsite
  1. Independent – only after proving ability under direct supervision