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Virtual Medical Scribe Services

A Scribekick virtual scribe is connected to each patient visit via a HIPAA­-compliant cross-platform (tablet, smartphone, and PC) video-conferencing app. 

How Our Medical Scribes Work

Just a tap of the finger and the scribe is connected directly to your appointment, like FaceTime-ing with your scribe.

As a highly-trained charting specialist, a Scribekick scribe can complete many tasks including the History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS), Physical Exam, Assessment/Plan, as well as other data entry.

Scribekick provides premier scribes committed to compliance, privacy, and superb customer service.

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Virtual Medical Scribe

Minimizing the time you spend on documentation will give you more time for patient care, yourself, and your family. And for many busy doctors, a scribe drive net revenue increases by allowing time for additional appointments. This alone can cover the cost of your scribe.

A virtual scribe allows flexibility for practices that may not have the demand for a full-­time scribe. You only pay for the scribe when they’re needed, keeping costs at a minimum.

A Virtual Scribe is:

Dedicated scribe


They work when you need them

Dedicated scribe


Perfect for rural doctors or irregular schedules

Scribekick- Economical

Cost Efficient – Straightforward to onboard

Saves you the expense of a full-time scribe

Better Scribes. Happier Doctors.

Hire a scribe today. Get in touch for a free consultation to learn more.

Turnkey Solution

Scribekick offers a turnkey solution allowing physicians to reap the benefits of scribes immediately. All of our virtual scribes are employees of Scribekick; recruited, trained, hired, paid, and managed by us.

Contracted by the hospital or physician group, our virtual scribes are:

Dedicated scribe


Fully-trained and ready to start

Dedicated scribe


Scribes on-call for sickness & vacation, minimizing issues with coverage gaps

transparent pricing streamline

Transparent Pricing

Simple per-appointment based fee

Trained to Serve Specific Medical Specialties

We are highly selective and train only the best.

With Scribekick’s five-stage training process, our scribes complete over 100 hours of medical terminology and documentation instruction. We even tailor to the specific requirements of your specialty.

  1. Medical Terminology – symptoms, diagnoses, medications
  1. Classroom Instruction – documentation best practice & HIPAA
  1. Scenario Practice – targeted mock patient encounters
  1. Finishing Training – experienced scribe evaluates trainee onsite
  1. Independent – only after proving ability under direct supervision