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At Scribekick, we consider our clients to be partners, not customers. It is essential our scribes become one with our client teams be it in private practices or the larger organizations and health systems we serve.

Today, we talk to Lucien W. Roberts, III, MHA, FACMPE, Administrator at Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia to give you a client perspective on working with scribes.

Scribekick: What was the driving motivation to first get in touch with Scribekick?

Lucien: I had written articles on scribe ROI and already understood the financial benefits possible before hiring scribes. Scribes allow doctors the time and focus to listen during patient visits with both their eyes and their ears. Patients feel doctors who look at the laptop rather than the patient do not listen as effectively. They want the visual affirmation their doctor is listening.

I have found the cost of a scribe relative to the time it saves is a good investment.

Scribekick: What has been the biggest improvement in your work day since you began using scribes?

Lucien: From my (the administrator’s) side, the benefits may not be as apparent but my scribe-using physicians are happy. They spend more time doing what they enjoy – caring for patients – and less time doing what they dislike – documenting. They can see more patients in the same amount of time, which more than covers the cost of the scribe. And at the end of the day, they can go home knowing their charting is done. It must be a great feeling!   

Scribekick: How has your practice/organization as a whole changed since you started using a scribe?

Lucien: Five of our physicians use the services of a scribe, and all five were early adopters. All are big fans of scribes and enjoy their jobs more than they did pre-scribe. Four are older than fifty, and one is in his forties. I expect some of our younger doctors to see the value of scribes in the next year.

Scribekick: What advice would you give another physician or organization considering using a scribe?

Lucien: Try it! Talk to other practices or doctors who are using scribes to see how to use scribes most efficiently. I would also make sure they understand the scribe will become part of their office, so understanding the scribe partner you choose and getting recommendations is key.

In future articles, we will dig deeper into client perspectives on working with scribes. If you would like a recommendation or to speak to another practice, please contact us and we’d be happy to connect you.