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Matching the Right Medical Scribe to Physician

by | Published on Dec 15, 2017 | Healthcare News

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Every medical practice is different, and not all hospitals are alike. When it comes to selecting the right scribe to work with a physician, it is imperative that the unique characteristics of the setting in which the scribe will work, and the specific needs, likes, and dislikes of the physician they will shadow are taken into account. We go to great care to ensure the scribe we select fits with the physician they will assist.

Physicians have high expectations when working with a medical scribe. Our process starts with recruiting prime candidates from top universities. That means we look for tech savvy, pre-medical students who are versed in the language of medicine, and obviously, of high intellect. We then score candidates for proficiency, speed, and personality type.

  • Proficiency scoring is based on error rates and trajectory through training.
  • Speed is scored based on typing speed and speed to finish an HPI.
  • Personality is scored on two metrics: extraversion and resiliency

This extensive effort ensures that first, we know our scribes well. Only then can we be sure we are capable of matching them to a practice’s specific needs.

Fine Tuning the Process

As outlined, we have a rigorous process for recruiting top talent as scribes, and matching them well with the physician they will shadow. That isn’t the end of our efforts, and in order to ensure we were correct in our original match, we work through the process with our clients.

By way of brief text message surveys, physicians can quickly respond with minimal effort so we can understand how the process is working. Initially, we send a survey out two weeks into their scribe program. Next, we run a follow up survey 45 days into our engagement. Then we run quarterly surveys as long as they retain the same scribe. We also provide a hotline survey number for physicians to contact us directly with any urgent issues. This communication allows us to stay in touch and on top of our scribe-physician relationship and it is a primary reason we don’t lose customers.

In addition to physician surveys, we conduct surveys with administrators with the same frequency, but we lag by two weeks. We request that administrators provide feedback from other team members about the scribe’s performance and impact. In all of these surveys we seek to fine tune our program to maximize our efficiency, but also to make sure we are helping physicians perform at their maximum efficiency.

As the relationship continues,  we perform random chart audits to make sure we meet quality measures. We assess our scribe’s quality, accuracy, spelling, and grammar. In addition, we periodically do an on-site audit to assess quality measures that can only be seen in person.

Resolving Issues

Issues that require immediate attention are rare. Scribekick’s senior management is available via their cell phones if it is necessary. Our managers, with significant professional experience, follow our process when issues arise:

  1. An immediate situational assessment
  2. Share initial options to rectify the situation with clients
  3. We come to an agreement on how to rectify the problem
  4. We execute the chosen option
  5. Follow up two weeks after implementation

We know our clients simply need the right match and a smooth implementation process. This is why we have strict standards to follow up and measure our scribe/physician success. One commitment we can make is that we will work tirelessly to not only make the right match and stay in touch with our clients, but also resolve any issues that arise.

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