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Medical Scribe Training That Will Set You On A Strong Career Path

by | Published on Apr 19, 2023 | Medical Scribes

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In today’s world of healthcare, providers strive to give their patients the best service possible. This means getting them in and out of appointments quickly. But they often end up taking extensive notes after each patient visit which takes up a reasonable amount of time.

Enter the medical scribe. A medical scribe takes notes of each appointment while it’s in progress. This eliminates the need for healthcare providers to take notes so they have more time to spend with their patients. It allows them to get through their appointments quickly. It also keeps them from working late at the office so they can go home and be with their families.

The convenience a medical scribe offers makes them highly desirable in the healthcare field. If this sounds like a position you might be interested in, you will need to start by taking medical scribe training. Scribekick offers medical scribe training that will help you advance in the healthcare file. Read on to find out what’s involved.

What Does a Medical Scribe Do?

A medical scribe carries out several patient care related responsibilities. They enter and maintain information in electronic medical records (EMR), collect and organize data, schedule appointments and take care of other administrative tasks. They can work in the office or they can be virtual medical assistants.

The job of a medical scribe may seem simple, but it’s a lot more than just data entry. The scribe must be familiar with medical terminology. They must know how to fill out electronic health records (EHR) accurately. They must learn how to deal with a patient encounter and work alongside healthcare professionals.

What is Required to Become a Medical Scribe?

While not all providers insist their scribes carry a medical scribe certification, a medical scribe training program is recommended. In-person and online training is available. Once a course is complete, the student will feel more confident working in the industry and they will be more likely to get hired.

While being a certified medical scribe is helpful, some medical providers will require additional education. Most will want you to be a high school graduate at the very least. Others will want some sort of college degree.

What is Included in Medical Scribe Training?

Medical scribe training includes the following topics:

  • Medical Terminology: The student will learn terminology regarding treatments, diagnosis, medications, and symptoms.
  • Best Practices for Documentation: Courses include instruction on the best practices for clinical documentation and HIPAA.
  • Scenario Training: Students are put in mock doctor-patient situations so they are prepared for patient interactions.

A medical scribe training course may also offer additional topics that are specific to the medical field you are pursuing. Or they may include other useful medical office skills.

For example, you may be educated on medical specialties such as:

  • Anatomy
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Human anatomy
  • General medicine

Or you may be taught skills such as:

  • Coding
  • Medical billing
  • Discharge procedures
  • Workflow management
  • Privacy issues

What are the Benefits of Being a Medical Scribe?

There are many benefits to becoming a medical scribe. Here are some reasons why a medical scribe job is worth pursuing:

  • Scribes are in High Demand: Medical scribes are known for improving workflow in a medical facility. This puts them in high demand for doctors ensuring job stability.
  • Job Flexibility: Medical scribes can work from home or from the office. They can be part-time or full-time. They can come in on an as-needed basis. The flexibility makes the work ideal for various lifestyles.
  • Offers Medical Experience: Working as a medical scribe allows you to become familiar with the fundamentals of the medical industry. It provides you with experience that allows you to move up the ladder if you wish to pursue another career in the medical field.
  • It’s a Good Way to Earn Income: Becoming a medical scribe provides you with a decent income that you can use to pay off loans and save up for medical school.

How Do Medical Scribes Benefit Doctors?

Medical scribes are extremely beneficial to doctors in the following ways:

Allows Them to Provide Better Service to Patients: Medical scribes save doctors the time they would spend taking notes. This allows them to get through appointments quickly so they can see more patients in a day and provide better customer satisfaction.

Cost-Efficient: Doctors that hire virtual scribes will only need to pay them for the work they do. This saves them money on hiring full time scribes.

Improved Accuracy: Providers have a lot on their plate. If they are trying to take notes while rushing from one patient to the next, they are likely to make a mistake, which could be detrimental to treatment. A scribe is dedicated to taking medical notes which allows them to perform the task more accurately.

What Does Medical Scribe Training Entail?

There are various types of medical scribe training courses. You can learn how to train online, you can refer to books and manuals, you can attend a university that offers the class or you can take an in-person workshop.

In-person training is often the way to go. Educators engage students in a live setting. They follow up with mock scenarios of actual appointments. Students are then supervised in offices and clinics to determine how they are performing. They are continually reviewed to ensure they are providing optimal service.

Scribe services are in demand as they assist doctors in providing the best experience to their patients. If you are interested in getting started, consider taking medical scribe training with Scribekick. We offer an in-person experience and follow up with scenario practice and onsite evaluation ensuring you are prepared to provide the ultimate scribe service to providers.

We also provide scribe matching services helping you find employment after you are trained.

If you are looking for a new career, a medical scribe could be the position for you. Contact Scribekick to get headed in the right direction. We will provide you with the tools you need to move forward in the healthcare industry.

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