Medical Scribe

Medical Scribe

A Scribekick onsite medical scribe accompanies the physician into the examination room and completes the documentation in real-time, finishing before you even exit the appointment.

As a highly-trained charting specialist, a Scribekick scribe can complete many tasks including the History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS), Physical Exam, Assessment/Plan, as well as other data entry.

Scribekick provides premier scribes committed to compliance, privacy, and superb customer service.


Minimizing the time you spend on documentation will give you more time for patient care, yourself, and your family. And for many busy doctors, a medical scribe drives net revenue increases by allowing time for additional appointments. This alone can cover the cost of your medical scribe.

An onsite medical scribe is:

  • Dedicated – full­-service and by your side
  • Real-­Time – provides immediate documentation
  • Connected – priority focus on detailed & accurate notes

Turnkey Solution

Scribekick offers a turnkey solution allowing physicians to reap the benefits of a scribe immediately. Your medical scribe is employed by Scribekick; recruited, trained, hired, paid, and managed by us.

Contracted by the hospital or physician group, a Scribekick medical scribe is:

  • Immediate – fully­-trained and ready to start
  • Redundant – scribes on-call for sickness & vacation
  • Cost Transparent – simple hourly fee


We are highly selective and train only the best.

With Scribekick’s five-stage training process, our scribes complete over 100 hours of medical terminology and documentation instruction. We even tailor to the specific requirements of your specialty.

  1. Medical Terminology – symptoms, diagnoses, medications
  2. Classroom Instruction – documentation best practice & HIPAA
  3. Scenario Practice – targeted mock patient encounters
  4. Finishing Training – experienced scribe evaluates trainee onsite
  5. Independent – only after proving ability under direct supervision
Scribe Quote

My patients appreciate that I can focus my entire attention on them when a medical scribe is documenting. Having a well-trained scribe makes me more efficient too.
I highly recommend.

Dr. Kapadia
Co-Head Bon Secours Cardiology
C3 Nexus Co-Founder